Borrowed Capital

09/03/2009 12:30

"I don't have capital." We always heard this phrase if we talk about business right?

But, Is capital really a problem?

I have a friend who has a lending business but short in capital. We assist him find financial instituitions to avail consumer loan for additional capital for his business expansion. He got the personal loan for 1.39% at one year term and lend it to his customer at 5% interest per month.In short, if he lend all his borrowed capital, he will gain 3.6% profit income per month without getting any money out from his own pocket. He makes the money work for him instead he work for it. That is the power of Borrowing Other People's Money(BOMP).




Date 09/09/2009

By vivian

Subject interested


me din interested manghiram,,,,
im working in call center right now and most of my team mates here are actually looking for some one to lend them money,,,,,20% every 2 mos. okay ng tubo....
email me at

Date 26/03/2009

By ana

Subject interested


interested din ako maghiram den pautang mo din..pano pa mag apply don ?email me at